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GOLDENPLAST realises its materials by continuously investing in high technology machines, almost completely automatised and therefore with a very reduced possibility of human error. The high attention paid from all the staff to check the materials produced is a warranty of quality for the products sold in the market.

Research and development of new materials is Goldenplast strategic point and pride. Everyday technicians spend most of their time searching for new solutions, new applications and new compounds.






During those years, Goldenplast has introduced into the market new materials as result of this continuous research and of a hard and demanding work.

Obviously, not all the new proposals have been highly successful, but most of the times they have reached a great success, being sometimes even revolutionary in their field. Nowadays Goldenplast is very proud to see that some of its new proposals have become current compounds known and used all over the world.

Goldenplast has always protected its inventions by registering a lot of patents, which have never been used in order to avoid any copies of competitors. We prefer concrete actions based on superiority and technical reliability to legal actions.

1996: launching of low density thermoplastic rubber compounds called SUPERLIGHT. An absolute revolutionary innovation for thermoplastic rubber compounds.

 1998: evolution of SUPERLIGHT materials with the birth of new generation SUPERLIGHT, with compact packing and volume;

1999: launching of COMPACT LIGHT rubber, that is materials with low density and compact appearance/look;

1999: launching of  MPR range compounds, specific to realise shoes directly injected on the upper;

2000: realisation of EG1material, specific to combine compound and leather;

2002: invention of  TPS range: thermoplastic rubbers with high aesthetic quality and high physical-mechanical properties;

2002: launching of  GPL range: thermoplastic rubbers with low density and reduced abrasion values;

2004: realisation of PLASTOGREEN and of RUNPLAST materials to be used for artificial football fields (grounds) and race-courses;

2005: launching of GPE, compounds of modified TPU with low density and very low abrasion value;

2005: realisation of PRIGOL and RUNPLAST of second generation for artificial football fields; 2005: revolution of the market with the realization of the thermoplastic rubber compound GPU: a TPU based thermoplastic rubber compound modified with rubber resins;

2006: introduction to the market of the new range of thermoplastic rubber compounds XTR “no marking” and with a very low thermo-abrasion effect;

2007: XP1 and XP3: the new generation of TPU based thermoplastic rubber compound modified with rubber resins;

2008: new TPE performance infill for synthetic football turf: RUNPLAST-2S;

2009: start of the new production line for TPU. Born the Goldenplast TPU: HIPUR;

2010: launching of XTD range. The high performance thermoplastic compounds for footwear applications.


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